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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Very Cold Winter

Well, here it is March 12/09
I have 53 km in for the year due to outrageous cold and snow - last Monday it was -52c with the wind chill! BRR, I think things break on bikes when it is that cold. I'm only 14 km short of last year, so I guess it isn't so bad.
Last Saturday I went down to Bentley Cycle and met up with Cornell from Calgary, Both Grant the owner, and him were extolling the benefits of trike ownership. Sorry Guys, I am not ready to convert yet. I have the GRR fever and no funds. But an Expedition could follow me home someday...
Anyways, I was in at Bentley Cycle to pick up my bike from a tune up and to get new rear rim installed. While there Matthew, the tech, saw that my rear derailleur set screw is bent, so now I need a new derailleur- man that sucks. Oh well, the current one should be okay for a month or so until I can save or trade Grant for something.
Oh yeah, I ordered a Dinotte rear light last month for my bike and front light for Alice 's TE when they came up for sale on the website

Mentioned them to Grant and he ordered one too. Here is a photo of how well they light up the rear in snow :

For all the years he has been selling trikes he had never heard of them. Once he got his and saw how amazing bright they are for their size, he is now becoming a dealer for them!
As much as I would like to get a GRR this year it doesn't seem in the cards ( I think I have said that in years past about other bikes I ended up gettin... hmm) So I wanted to add some bling to my TE. But with no funds and too much time on the Internet what could I do? Hmmm, a couple of guys have painted their fairings when they get too scratched up. So I went did some research and Wal la - A cool looking fairing!

Then I got carried away with the paint can ... Painted my kickstand (saved $75 ), sprayed my rear rack (looks new), then my seat supports (awesome now they blend in with the rack supports),

then my front Rim (saved $110) and finally my front cranks.

Result- 1 Cool Looking 'Bent:

(it helps that I was into automotive small damage repair for a couple of years and learned a few tricks that carried over to this project). So I saved a lot of moula and got a cool bike until my GRR. So stay tuned as the season is upon us I hope to write a bit more often and will do some reviews and stuff too.
Ride safe ...

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