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Sunday, January 03, 2010

New year first ride

So the weather wasn't too bad (-12) and the gravel roads are packed with snow. Hmm ... BIKE RIDE!
I convinced my daughter Kara (14 y.o.) to join me for a 8.5 km ride around Calmar this afternoon. For 36 min, we jousled along the packed snow roads around town trying to keep our glasses from fogging and icing up. We passed 4 vehicles, (who musta thot we were nuts). I only slipped on loose snow once and that was enough for my first pedal scrape of the year, yea :(.  But its a great beginning to a wonderful year of riding when my 'lil girl wants to ride and spend some of her precious, teen, angst filled life, with her dear ole 'bent demented pa!

a relaxing sunday afternoon, crisp winter weather, a great recumbent bike, my lil girl, man I have a great life!
yes the pic is from last year but I looked the same ...