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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Springs Comin

After the last 4 weeks of snow, I believe that spring is coming. At Last. Still lots of the white stuff on the ground but the streets are clear. So I am getting fairly eager to do some riding. I have started going to the gym to get my legs and wind back from inactivity this winter.
I have been doing a few upgrades on the Django too. I decided to bite the bullet and get into clipless. I really want to be able to climb the hills alot better this year. So I got some Lake Sandals from Bike Nashbar on Sale and I lucked out on a pair of New Bebop Pedals from a fella on BROL last week. Just waiting for them to arrive. I decided to go for a pair of frogs on Ebay (cause they seemed more available locally)but lost out at the last then switched over to BROL and saw an ad posted for the bebops. I really wanted bebops for the float, but availability seems severely low. But production is being ramped up and I got what I really wanted.
The big news this week is that for the first time in 10 years I weigh under 300 lbs. 298.5! So I am on target for the amount I want to lose for the MS Tour June 10-11. I am trying to stay around 1800 cal a day and at 350+ cal excercise daily until I can ride consistently. I heartily recommmend: for helping me stick to this engine reduction and performance regimem.
Get ready to ride,