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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Springs Comin

After the last 4 weeks of snow, I believe that spring is coming. At Last. Still lots of the white stuff on the ground but the streets are clear. So I am getting fairly eager to do some riding. I have started going to the gym to get my legs and wind back from inactivity this winter.
I have been doing a few upgrades on the Django too. I decided to bite the bullet and get into clipless. I really want to be able to climb the hills alot better this year. So I got some Lake Sandals from Bike Nashbar on Sale and I lucked out on a pair of New Bebop Pedals from a fella on BROL last week. Just waiting for them to arrive. I decided to go for a pair of frogs on Ebay (cause they seemed more available locally)but lost out at the last then switched over to BROL and saw an ad posted for the bebops. I really wanted bebops for the float, but availability seems severely low. But production is being ramped up and I got what I really wanted.
The big news this week is that for the first time in 10 years I weigh under 300 lbs. 298.5! So I am on target for the amount I want to lose for the MS Tour June 10-11. I am trying to stay around 1800 cal a day and at 350+ cal excercise daily until I can ride consistently. I heartily recommmend: for helping me stick to this engine reduction and performance regimem.
Get ready to ride,

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Snow Daze

Well we finally got winter. Must have gotten 8 inches in the past week. That going to crimp my riding. So in the mean time I just sit in front of the computer dreaming of 'bents I can not afford.
Yesterday I went into Edmonton and picked up a new Swagman 2 bike xc platform rack for my 'bents. I was going to make one but it didn't pan out. So I spent sunday afternoon putzing around the garage with it and my Django. To fit both the Django and the Jet Creek I am probably going to get new bars about 8" longer on a side, for the Jet Creek to fit. It certainly seems stable with the Django and fast to put on and take off.
(But I broke my kick stand today when I took the bike off the counter after I took some pictures; now I got to call Bentley...)

I had mentioned previously I got a BikeE bag for my Django, well I finally got a couple of pics for you to see how it looks and how I attached it:

this will work for now. I will probably resew the clips on the bag so that the whole thing rides about an inch or 2 higher. It only has about 1/2 inch clearance over the fender, with some wieght in, I want it higher. Or, if I lose some weight I can raise the seat back up a bit and get more distance that way!
As far as my weight reduction is going, I am doing well on the diet but I think the snow zapped my will to excercise this week. I gained 2lbs, but they say "don't focus on the scale" it fluctuates and I should foucus on "fat loss" and how my clothes fit. hmmm, lately all my pants seem to droop and slide alot.
well better go, take care

Sunday, March 05, 2006

New product

Because I am in the Car Car Industry we use 3m Paint Protection Films to protect hoods and front ends of autos. I found that during the mounting of my 'bents that my bike was getting scuffed as I lifted my foot across the frame. I had a scrap of 3M film in the shop so I took it home and put it on my BikeeE. No more scuffs and decals were protected. Since, I have put it on my 2 burleys and couple of friends bikes. It is an almost invisible, clear protection film that is easy to install. (weighs almost nothing)
Stepping over ones expensive recumbent and scuffing it is an inherent fear with most 'bent owners. So I will be hawking this film to other riders and shops. it will be a packaged 2"x 36", 4"x 36" sheet.(with a 48" option, too), with easy to follow directions.
If you are interested in protecting your 'bent email me at we'll talk prices and shipping, etc.

As for my Burley Django engine performance training and modification update: its down to 305 lbs this week; I signed up for the Camrose to Leduc MS 160 tour, met with a personal trainer and started doing low impact aerobics with the "Biggest Loser DVD". I am on my way to being under 275 for the tour and to my "ideal" wieght in less than 16 months!
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