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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cycle LA

8:00 am BANG! goes the starter gun and the cyclists are off on another Cycle LA to raise funds for new equipment for our local hospital.

My Team: Godspoke ( 5 of us : Jocelyn, Tom, Art, my wife Alice and my self) had a great day of relay cycling, chatting, encouraging and laughing. We didn't even finish last.

It was a sunny hot day (the best weather in Cycle LA History!+27c) The course was fairly level with low sloping hills, except for 2 biggys that I didn't do. Its fun to do this type of relay, each person rides the best they can and yet over a smaller distance. Alot of roadies ride the full 120 km (winner did it in 3hr 46 min). The ride ends in 6 hours, that is why I don't ride the whole thing. It took me 5 hours to ride 80k on the Ms Tour, 120k would take me 7 hrs at my present speed and ability- maybe in a couple of years.

At one point I had a real good tailwind riding north into Thorsby, my wife found me in the van and was following me in Thorsby I was doing 38-40 kph acording to the Van Odo. I forgot my odo at home. I Know that just before entering the town that I was going faster 40-43kph. What a blast! My friends Tom and Jocelyn mentioned to Alice that "Larry has a fast bike".

There was one other bent on the ride a tidalwave 2 action bent, Mike, young fella from Beaumont. Overall Next year is a redo, slimmer, faster and funner!

Ride lots 'til next time


Sunday, June 18, 2006

I did It!

I accomplished the
'06 Edmonton MS Tour!
Thanks to all of you who contributed- We raised $1175!

It was a great weekend, not to hot, windy or rainy. On Saturday I finished an hour earlier than last year, and finished Sunday 45 min faster than the year before. Plus, I hung out longer at the rest stops, was not as tired and I pedaled my butt up all the way 2.75 out out of 3 big hills. I averaged just over 23 kph on Sat and 19.9 on Sunday. I love riding my Burley Dajango Short wheel base recumbent. It was fast and comfortable, why would anyone ride long distances on a regular bike?

Long fingered gloves and wicking thermal undershirt really helped in the rain and wind.

I hung out with Kel, and was encouraged alot by him. He has a cool new trailer and really nice wife!
I really seemed faster, I thrilled at the perception that I was passing 60% of the riders. On Sunday in the section I suffered on last year, I had a ride marshal draft me for over 10k. I asked him how the ride was back there, he replied:"you could sit up a bit higher ... you got a real good pace going, thanks." I was spinning around 85 rpm and cruising at 25kph then and I thot and felt: "cool I can ride with the best of them!" that comment and the triumph of spinning up the big hills and finishing the ride not exhausted, really gave me a strong sense of accomplishment and reward. It enforces the desire I have to lose more weight and get even fitter!

From Xmas '05 to the ride I reduced 25% body fat and added alot of muscle (lost 45 lbs). My next goal is to ride 20-35 km on Cycle LA on june 24; ride the Tour De Alberta July 22. So I keep the motivation to reduce, live longer and fitter. I did not reach 275lbs this time, but it was a goal. I hope to get close to 260 by Sept - 230 by Xmas '06 - 195 for the '07 Tour.

Encourage me and pray that I stick to it. Being healthier and fitter is fun! Larry

Thursday, June 08, 2006


as I 'm gonna get for the 2006 MS tour.
According to the test my trainer gave me yesterday, I have reduced my body fat from 4-.1- 30.2 since march. Thats 25% LESS! waa whooo! Now only 288 lbs of jiggling muscled fat -next year I hope to be @199-215 for the MSRide!

Last weekend I put on a set of burley moustache handlebars (and longer cables) so my knees would not be hindered and that I would not have any upper arm pain. 30 km later no pain and I love the new bars!

Since I like to listen to audible books and music while I ride, I needed a place to set my MP3 player. I found a white reflector, removed the clear face, added industrial velcro to it and my players and Voila a great holder right on the handle bars. Works great for $1 eh! I use a rubber ring for added secruty.

I finally got a wicking thermal undershirt for cooler and wet riding. More layers the better, right?! Went for a 10 k test ride tonight all decked out in the gear I have for wet weather; was all toasty and warm. Top: wicking under shirt,wicking bike shirt, weather resistant biking jacket, thinsulite gloves, neofleece masque, skull cap, bike helmut and earuffs. Lower: lake sandals, merino wool socks, leg warmers, cotton briefs, running tights, and wind resistant long pants. Now I Just have to do something for foggy glasses.

Tomorrow I pack, sleep, then on Saturday we ride. Sat/Sun weather forecast: cloudy with 40% chance rain hight 16 -19. If there is no rain and very little wind, it should be a nice riding weekend. Expect the wind from east this time of year so heading to Camrose south east will slow us down. Sunday could be a faster day with tailwind most of the day! Stay tuned monday or tuesday for a post ride report and pix. (soggy fat man in tights!)