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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Unique Day at My LBS

Saturday April 25 I took a trip back down to Bentley Cycle to check out the new Catrike 700 that Grant Patton, the owner was all excited about. Grant and I have become friends as we are both real recumbent enthusiasts, he either phones or calls me when he gets some new bent or cool accessory in. Plus, he had asked me to pick up a couple of things my local Canadian Tire had but his didn't; so off 110 km to Bentley I went with my son Brian in tow.

When I get there I see this bent parked in front of his store:I get all excited as it is a vintage Rans Nimbus, complete with the old "bucket seat" copy of a plastic chair. Rans just had an article on their site about the history and evolution of their seats, so I was excited to see some recumbent history. Grant got it on trade earlier this winter; he even got an original Rans brochure with the trade. Cool!

Then as I was gaping at the Rans, Grant came out and with his helmet to test ride a bike some one had brought to the store that day to trade on a Catrike expedition. To my amazement I realized that it was a vintage Lightning P38. Wow, I knew more about it than Grant or the owner did!

I had just had to try it out. It was a tight fit and I realize it is too closed a riding position; my areo belly didn't like it. My son Brian took it for a spin and thought it was a cool ride and real easy to ride up the hill that Grants shop resides on. Well now I can add a P38 to my list of 'bents I have test rode!

So needless to say I spent the afternoon riding vintage bikes, testing and comparing a new Catrike Expedition and 700; talking with the owner of the P38; getting him to test ride both trikes and an Easy Racer Tour Easy. I was there for 4 hours but it felt like 20 minutes. What a fantastic way to spend a cold, drizzly, Saturday afternoon!

Its interesting to see a shop like Grants getting more bents while larger, busier bike shops are getting out of the recumbent segment. I guess they just don't get it ......

If you need a new 'bent, trike or a good used recumbent, check out Bentley Cycle, Grant is getting a greater variety of new and used stock all the time.