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Saturday, February 27, 2010

After the Cold...coff, coff

Well finally I decided to just get out and ride after suffering for two weeks with a really bad chest cold.  The weather is starting to change as it slowly melts the roads clear. I only had to put my feet down as outriggers on snowy patches a few times. The main roads are clear, its just some of the sides that are loose and treacherous. Funny how when you are riding that the cold symptoms seem to disappear until you get back home and indoors. This was the first time I got any exercise for 14 days, feels good to be out again.

All that I have been able to do lately was look at other 'bents online - and that can be potenually expensive. I miss riding. Maybe I can get out tomorrow- I'm a bit behind '09 already in ride km.
I was out taking a few pics also today -  here' one for ya