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Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day Ride

So today was a really nice Sunny mid winter day, So I loaded up the TE and went for a spin and some intervals. Just as I was leaving Calmar I heard a honk on a horn, looked over and there was Lyle and Carol driving by, so we stopped and got caught up on the Thai Wun On trip. Lots of laffs and remembering, It was great to see and talk to 'em. Then I headed west to the Buford turn off for a nice ride. On the way back I tried out the interval setting on my Garmin 705 GPS. Worked out great! found out that using the scroll button I could go back to my general screen and it would buzz me at the right times, SWEET. I could switch back and forth between the two screens easily with my big ole winter gloves too. Did a total of 19km. to day, NICE. A bit behind last year but I think I will catch up ! I want to ride over 3000k this year!
The progress bar on the top shows I am making progress on the fitness strategy. Learning that fitness is the ultimate goal with a healthy level of body fat around 20-25% is the ultimate. I started somewhere around 36% at the beginning of 2010. I have lost 17lb, gained some muskel, so I don't know what percent I am today. Tammy from believe fitness will not test us again until the class is over at the end of march. My goal is have lost 30 lbs and near 32% body fat. weight wise I have a 2 goals - 245lb by july 1 and to settle around 25% (205lb?) about this time in 2011.  We shall see if I obtain these goals - steady exercise and balanced calorie intake will get me there soon enough. Keep watching and encouraging. So far I am 4 months ahead of any time in the past 5 years when I was this svelt! I always seem to start at Jan 1 for a goal near The MS Tour in June, as a bench mark.
GBTTFN - Larry
okay the picture was from Last year but hey.....