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Sunday, April 11, 2010

After the Wind Ride

Finally the winds died down (after 3 days). So after getting back from lunch at Kosmos with Alice, Darrel & Carol Rachel,  Alice and I went for a ride. As we started out we heard Alices rear tire rubbing on her brakes. Jocelyn and I had tightened the rear cone and adjusted and lubed the brakes on Monday. But when Alice rode it we needed to adjust the tension on the brake springs. Jocelyn showed me how this is done and so it was easy to do on the side of the road. We got going agian and relazied the wind had picked up, after turning onto the highway I zipped ahead and noticed Alice was lingering. Once I got to the top of the rise on the east side of Calmar I didn't see her so I called her on her phone. She had decided that the wind was too cold for how sahe has dressed so she bailed. I continue to the 10k mark and headed  back. It was good to be back on the bike after 3 days. I cannot believe how more efficient the GRR is over the TE. I likey my bikey! Here is my Garmin GPS recording of my ride: . If you click on the see details you may be able to use the player to see a dynamic portrayl of my ride. I am experimenting with links here;
Anyways have a great day -  Now Git out and RiDE!