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Friday, April 30, 2010

April showers bring May....

So April is done. I surpassed my riding goal for the month with over 320 km. Cool and that was with a week of crappy cool weather. Diet wise not a great month I sort of plateaued, fumbled along, and zoned out. Partly it was weather change, partly needing a break, work and family and volunteer commitments. Mostly it has been a "okay sluff today start monday attitude. Every week. I lost motivation. Why I don't know, I really like the results and the comments I get, so what gives? I truly believe this was a hiccup. I know I need that mental kick in the arse to get back on track. So May its no excuses, every day is a new day, JUST Do IT.

I have had my Gold Rush for a month now and it is supassing my expectations. Yet  I sit here and realize that I have said that about every new bike I have gotten. But the other day I was riding into the wind for a 10 km ramble around Calmar and started to laugh. I was riding into the wind and enjoying it. All I could think about was "sorry Lance, IT IS ABOUT THE BIKE! he he he he. I am truly Blessed to have the oppurtunity to ride such a fun and efficient machine. Thanks to Keith who bought my TE and to Cornell who sold me his and to Uhaul for my over ride commissions and to Alice who puts up with it and hopes to gain a healthier hubby. And to an Awesome God who listens and hears and does bless His childern.
 My goal for May is to lose over 8 lbs and ride over 400km. Pray for me I'm going to need it. Next month I will post some pics of my ride and some of the Bling I have and a review of a couple of really cool addons.