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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Carry All For Seat back

I always seem to be on the hunt for an alternative bag to hold the basics while I ride. Basics what basics you ask? Well you should always carry a few essentials while riding. A flat repair kit (spare tube, glue less patches, tire levers and a pump or CO2 cartridges & valve). bike tool w/ chainbreaker, phone, light snacks, and maybe a few other person things. I like using a water bladder instead of a bottle for rides over 30 min., as I tend to drink more often with it;so i need a bag that can hold this too. This year I want to ride a little lighter and don’t want to add a rack and big bag to my GRR, except when on tour. So I need a seat bag that will hold the minimum for a commute home or expand for a century ride. I was going to get Alice to sew me up  a new basic bag. I even thought out the design, made a pattern, got the fabric and notions, cut then out but then Tax season hit and Alice is way too busy for the next couple of months! Arrrggg!
While I was in Calgary last month I stopped in at MEC and was browsing around and found a small shoulder bag that I Modified.
MEC Sml Shoulder Carryall
This bag is great and has a lot of compartments.
First thing I did was cut off the shoulder strap and then sewed on a web belt to hug the lower part of the bag to the seat to stop flopping. I placed rivets at the stress points to strengthen them.
I then sewed and riveted  nylon male buckles to the top corners to attach onto the bike seat. A lot of seat bags use a sleeve to go over the seat to attach a bag. A couple of years ago I devised a way to attach a bag using industrial double sided Velcro and these clip buckles. I just loop a female buckle onto the seat frame on either side and then can quickly attach or detach my bags.
To finalize the bag I sewed a safety triangle and a C-KAP patch to the flap and TA –DA:

It can expand outside the seat frame for longer rides or for shorter jaunts hang inside for a lower profile.

The flap strap will cinch up the bottom and keep it away from the wheel & fender. It looks great and is very versatile!

Now Git out and ride