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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Spent the Day In Bentley

Yestersday I had a me day, I didn't open the shop. I spent the day with my friend and 'bent dealer Grant Patton @ Bentley cycle. All afternoon I was in 'bentland. He was putting new green Django in the window and working on a brand new out of the box, Burgundy '02 Django
(just what I have). We were comparing the differences and I think the older ones were just a tad better. He has a used Hepcat, 3 new Djangos, and 3 new , 05 jett creeks. He also has 5 trikes in his shop including a carbon fibre catrike. I think he has 2 used catrikes and 3 new wiz wheelz.

this is Grant on a Cat trike Speed during his towns parade last year ('05)

I also helped him setup a blog, so he can keep his clients up to speed on the stuff he has in his shop. drop by and see what he doing

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FLYBYU said...


Just found your blog from your profile on, it was nice to see a fellow Canadian benter. I kind of noticed it because you mentioned Nordegg, Alberta, and that is where my parents live. By the way congrats on getting into recumbent biking, it's an excellent way to lose weight, I'm not a small guy either at 240lbs, but I'm slowly losing weight. I also ride a Burley, I have a 05 Sandpoint, check out my blog if you want to see some more, talk to you later......