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Monday, May 29, 2006

My first 1/2 Century 06

This past Sunday I did my first solo half century!
It was a cool 12 degrees, overcast, wind from the SE.
I averaged 22.3kph for a total wheel time of 2h 16 min. actual 'bout 2:45. 3 stops at 21 k ea.
I painted marks at about every 5 k a couple of months earlier and have ridden most of it. And posted some reports but I thoufght I load up some pics so you could see my ride.

If you look near the bottom of this pic you can see the 8 km mark this is 8 k west of Calmar and I turn north here to Wilton hall. Turning north hera we get onto what the local Edmonton riding Clubs call thier "private biking Highway" Paved and very little traffic.

This is the typical terrain I ride mostly flatish with a few dips. Its the wind that we struggle against or cruize with.

this is Wilton Hall . 13 k from calmar or 16 k from Devon. Its a nice break/rest area (has a girl/guy outhouse) you can see the 13 on the road in the pic. The '06 Ms tour training ride used Wilton Hall as the turn around point and headed back to Devon, a 32 k ride.

Continuing east from the hall, Next @ the 23 k mark, is the gorge, a set of great training hills. Max speed down from east to west 74.7 kph and I was able to spin all the way up the other side!

This past week I didn't get down to the small chain ring so I had to stop half way up the east side, fix the chain line then; spun up the rest of the way. Max speed was 47 k into the wind. Its fun and a good way to practise hill climbing!

Heading south again, At the 30 k mark we pass the Leduc No.1 well site and museum. It was here in the 1940's that oil was first found in Alberta and why the town of Devon exists, it was a company town for the oil workers. Alberta's Black Gold Economy has its roots from here.

Finally heading west again at the 35 k mark is the sign telling us Calmar is just over the horizon.

Finally, a blurry shot from inside the van going down main street of the wee town of Calmar, AB. I had to ride out of town west 5 k and back to get 50 km. But It was a great ride. Sure beats staying in the house watching the Oilers Duck hunting in Anaheim.

Ride Fast, Ride Comfortable, Ride 'Bent!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Riding on May Long Weekend

Its great to have a long weekend! Did almost 100 k Sunday and Monday. Sunday Afternoon I rode by myself out on highway #39 to Thorby the next town west of us; was 42 k trip total weather was great slight wind on the return. Monday I rode with my friend Tom L and did a 48k loop to Devon, West to Milton hall to Calmar. Maxed out down the gully @74.7 kph and Pedaled ALL THE WAY up the other side! WAHOO! A personal best all the way! Maxed out the heart rate though 179 bpm. Tom lent me an extra heart rate monitor to see if I want one. So Far I like it, my avg HR riding is 136. In the middle of the cardio zone for my age.
Tom was bushed and butt sore after the ride. It was his first real ride of the year, and the wind set him back a bit. I was afraid I was going to slow him down and only see his rear in the distance all day. But 'BENTS RULE! this chubby bunny was ahead all day! Tom has been the best rider I ride with for the last couple of years, he is a weekend roadie; but work has tied him up over the winter and he needs to do alot more riding. Then we will see (he says).

Well we seem to have a team for Cycle LA June 24. A 120 k bike relay to raise funds for our local hospital. Should be fun. I will keep you posted.

I finally got a Minora Swing Post on the front derailer, for my L.E.D. headlight. Now its mounted out of the way and looks cool too! Plus Alice sewed on a reflective triangle on the burley bag for more visiblity. Also, I took accessory bag out of the car and added it to the handle bars to keep the cel phone and MP3 player handy (I was getting strangled by the earphone cord). On long windy rides having some tunes or an audio book on low vol sure passes away the time better.
Well gotta go, see soon,
Ride safe - Larry

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ms Tour Training Ride

Today I joined up with Kel, a Vision recumbent owner from Edmonton, on the MS Tour training ride. We rode on Twnroads 504 & 502 or hiway #19 west, from Devon church to the Wilton Park community hall and back. Its like a private cycling hiway, in two hrs we had less than a dozen vehicles pass us!
35.5 km in 1.5 hrs
avg 20.5 kph with a Top speed 69.9 kph (woo whoo) down the gorge hill and pedalled out 1/2 way up the other side. Had to walk, legs burned out on the climbs out- still just pushing to much weight. (someone told me that when riding every 10 lb feels like a 2 % grade; so if thats true I am still going up a additional 20% grade! no wonder the legs burn!!) But I got 1/2 way and the calves didn't hurt to walk. A big improvement over last year!
beautiful weather 17 +
Great bike n hiway. Nice to ride with another ´bent ryder!

Then went into town with Tom L and hit alot of bike stores. Bought an airzounds, pressure guage and leg warmers from MEC; fruit bars from Costco and a latte from 2nd cup
Tom gave me a Polar 520 heart rate monitor/cycling to try out. It has a wireless hookup for the bike functions so I am not sure it will work on the Django. I want to maximise my work outs and rides.
Overall a Great Saturday, I really, really enjoyed the day! oh yeah, I closed the shop too!
Ta Ta fer Now

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Had a blast today!

I am participating in a pre ride for the Ms Tour on Sat, so I am trying to get my engine tuned for it. Today I decided to ride home @ 5 from the shop, its 17.8 km. During the Red Neck Rally on the high way I drive home on; its during the evening dash the workers from the Nisku Industrial Park and city buzz home on.
Had a tail wind.
Seriously hit 52.9 kph at one point.
Laughing all the time cause I know that the computer IS tracking right this time. Made it in 36 min. 17.8 km. I was smoking! avg speed was about 36kph. tailwinds are a blast!. If only I could ride home like that all the time! I was at a cadence of around 74rpm on avg. felt great after, limber not tired! 'Bents ... gotta lov em!
Then around 8:30 I was feeling restless so I went for another 10.8 k ride west on highway 39; wind was at my back again out, avg 28.9 k max 38.9. cadence 74 rpm. Then I turned back east, speed 19k total time 29 min. 10.8 k, avg 24.2kph for the whole ride.
I really like having a cadence on the computer. I almost watch this more now than the avg speed. I feel that I am getting a better work out, easier on the knees and more efficent. My legs have muscles I did'nt know I had; now that they are letting me know their there from the aches and tiredness I feel . But they is growing and getting better.I love my Django! Can't think of a better way to spend time than cruising down the high with the wind behind my back!
Get out there and have a great ride

Monday, May 08, 2006

May meaderings

Well I am making progress in preparing for the MS Tour in 5 weeks. Riding @ around 22-26kph avg and 10-20k a ride every other evening. I am on target for getting my weight down, 285 now; I should be at 275 in time, getting up them hills will be easier. Yes, I do have other trips I am planning this summer to further encourage me to lose more weight. I am planning to do the Tour de Alberta metric century in July, 21. The Oregon 'bent rally Aug 19, and another century in late Sept, maybe Calmar to Drayton Valley. My goal is to continue riding as long as I can and be working out all winter, so this time next year I should be fit at around 185-190.

I am very happy to say that I have successfully made the transition to clipless pedals. I've only fallen once. Took me awhile to figure out all the wee little tweaks. At first I didn't like the position of riding on the balls of my feet instead of the arch; my right foot was going numb until I moved my seat up a bit and tightened the straps on the Lake sandals; and I had to turn in the cleats more, 'cause I ride toes out heels in and was unclipping to easily. I really like the added power being clipped in gives and surprisingly the added endurance. If you ride 'bent having the clip in system is worth it.

Last week I added a new long cable Trek computer, along with the usual features it has temperature and cadence, it sure is helping me with my spinning and heartrate. I found that I was spinning around 60 rpm so I am retraining myself to be at least in the mid 70's. Later in the season I want to be in the low 80's. Gearing down and spinning faster IS helping my speed factor and endurance. I feel like I am training for some big time event. Its kinda cool to have this feeling like I am tackeling and accomplishing something significant (well, to me anyways).

I also added a 1 watt L.E.D. headlight from Planet bike for those later evening rides where I am finishing on the hiway at dusk. I want the oncoming traffic to know some one is approaching.

And I finally got my Swagman XC bike rack adapted to accomodate a swb and lwb bent. I love the way my friend Rudy remade the hitch and beefed up the poles to support more weight.

I had to dremel more notches so the hooks would "click" in low enough to secure the Jet Creek. I was easy with a cut off disk!

To finish this report I must say that I am enjoying riding my Django even more than last year. I mentioned to my wife Alice just the other night, that some days I feel really stiff, especially my back and I do not want to ride, but I go an wa-la I get back no longer stiff! Riding 'bent "is" good for me!
Thanks for check'n in